Help Guide: How to use this website

Viewing Issues and Articles

The main article and page viewing display has two main parts:

The list of articles for a page can be expanded or shrunk by clicking on the "+" or "-" next to the "Articles" entry in the index.

To view a full page, click on the entry in the index for that page.

To view an article, click on the entry in the index for that article headline.

Depending on how you came to this page, you will first see one of three things:

  1. The front page of the issue on the left side with the issue's table of contents on the right side. viewing right column
  2. An individual article on the left side with the article index for that page of the issue on the right side, and with the headline of the article being shown highlighted.

    viewing left column

    There a several new display options on this page.

    No. 1 – There are image "slider" bars at the bottom and right of the image display that allow you to expand/contract the size of the image. The bottom slider adjusts the height of the image and the right slider adjusts the width. Click and drag the slider bar to adjust the image size.

    No. 2 – "Previous" and "Next" will display the previous or next article within the current issue.

    No. 3 – Clicking on "Results" will take you back to the previous search-results page. Clicking on the left or right arrow will bring up in the display the previous/next search result.

    No. 4 – Descriptive metadata for the issue, page, and article are displayed below the image.

    No. 5 – Searching within the issue. Clicking on the "Text Search" tab opens up a keyword search box that will search the entire issue that is being displayed.

  3. An individual article found via a search. It is the same general display as No. 2 above but with a few additional pieces of information. viewing more options
    • The search terms (in this example they are "butch cassidy") are highlighted in the article image.