Help Guide: How to use this website

Search Results Page

The newspaper items from your search are displayed on this page. The items are listed in alphabetical order by newspaper title and date, and if applicable, page number or article title.

search results

When you find the item you want to read, simply click on its thumbnail image or Title. This will open a display showing the PDF image of the article on the left side and the issue's table of contents on the right side. (See "Viewing Issues and Articles").

There are several settings on the search results page that you can change to configure the results as you would like to see them.

Display Settings

There are three display settings that can be changed.

Limit Your Search

Year – Narrow the span of years for your search by changing the start year and end year then clicking on the Update button.

search refinements

Type – Narrow your search by clicking on the type of item you would like to see. For example, if you only want to see birth announcements click on birth.

search refinements

Paper – Narrow your search by newspaper by clicking on the newspaper title you would like to see.

search refinements