Help Guide: How to use this website

Search Results Page

Here the results (or "hits") from your search are displayed. They normally are listed in alphabetical order by newspaper title. The results are displayed 200 items per page, and at the right side of the top and bottom of the page are standard paging/scrolling options:

search results

When you find the article you want to read, simply click on its thumbnail image or Title. This will open a display showing the PDF image of the article on the left side and the issue's table of contents on the right side. (See "Viewing Issues and Articles").

There are several settings on the search results page that you can change to configure the results as you would like to see them.

search refinements

Search refinements

No. 1 - Under "Narrow your search by", you will see a box with "Date". Clicking on this box will display a set of dates that have multiple results from your current search. If you click on one of the dates, your results are refined/narrowed to show only the results from the particular date you have selected. This search refinement tool (called a facet) is an easy way to find the particular article you're looking if you happen to know its date.

Please also see "Date Searching" below for a description of how to refine search results using other date search criteria.

No. 2 - In the "Search" box at the top (with "within results" on the right), you can enter additional keywords that will refine your current search results. This will narrow your search results by further selecting on the additional keywords you have entered.

Display Settings

No. 3 - There are three display settings that can be changed.