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Secondary Pages for Individual Newspapers

Here you have the ability to select a specific issue from the "Browse by Year/Date" menu, or search across all of the paper's issues from the "Search" or "Genealogical Search" sections.

Utah Digital Newspapers Secondary pages


If you know which issue you want to see, use "Browse by Year/Date". First, click on the "down arrow" at the right of the "Select a Year" box, and a list of the years that are available for this newspaper appears below. Move your mouse down the list or navigate using the scroll bar on the right to highlight the year you're interested in. Once the year is highlighted, simply click on it. The next page that comes up shows a list of all the individual issues that are available for that year.

Utah Digital Newspapers browsing

Move your mouse down the list or navigate using the scroll bar on the right to find the issue you're interested in. Then click on the thumbnail image or the Title to open the display of that that issue. This display has the issue's table of contents on the right side and the PDF image of the front page on the left side. (See "Viewing Issues and Articles".)

Another feature of the Secondary Page is browsing all the births, marriages, or deaths in this newspaper. This can be done by clicking on the appropriate link in the "Genealogical Browse" section. The list of birth, marriage, or death notices will be displayed on a search-results page. (See "Search Results Page".)

Utah Digital Newspapers genelogical browsing

Finally, at the bottom of the Browse section, there is a link that will display all the issues for this newspaper title.


The "Search" and "Genealogical Search" sections provide several useful keyword searching options. Each works in the same way; they just search through different items within the newspaper.

For each search option, simply enter in the keyword(s) you would like to search on in the appropriate box and click on the "Go" button next to that box. If you want your keywords to be searched as a phrase, click the "Exact Phrase" box next to the "Go" button. (See "Exact Phrase Search".)

Your search results will be displayed on a separate search-results page. (See "Search Results Page".)