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Wasatch Wave

1889 - 1922

The Wasatch Wave began publishing on March 23, 1889, and continues to the present. The year 1889 was when Heber City, Utah, was incorporated. Editor William Buys was also the attorney for the city and for Wasatch County. The first issue stated: "In wafting the Wasatch Wave, we realize that it is but a tiny ripple upon the great ocean of journalism, but sincerely hope and trust that it may grow and gather strength as it proceeds on its perilous journey. We are also aware that there are breakers in its course against which it may run and be dashed to pieces and the great commotion caused by the shock be scarcely perceptible upon the broad expanse of the vast literary sea; yet we should feel the effects of the disaster most keenly; we shall, therefore, use every effort in our power to avoid the possibility of such a fate overtaking us...In taking an independent stand as to politics and religion, we realize what we have chosen a narrow channel in which to oscilate, but intending the Wave to be a paper for the people entirely independent of part, sect, or creed, we think this course to be the safest, surest, and best."

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