Vernal Express

1891 - 2008

This collection also contains the Uintah Pappoose, Jan. 2, 1891 - Feb. 4, 1892.

Kate Jean Boan was founder and editor of the Uintah Pappoose, the pioneer newspaper of eastern Utah. She purchased a printing press from Sears and Roebuck, and began publishing the four-page weekly paper in 1891. In 1892 she sold the newspaper to James Barker, who changed the name to the Vernal Express.

James H. Wallis took over management of the Vernal Express in 1917. Four generations of his family published the paper for the next 90 years, until James' great-grandson Steven Wallis passed away in 2007. Both James and his son, William B. Wallis, are in the Utah Newspaper Hall of Fame.

The Utah Digital Newspapers Program would like to extend its most sincere thanks to the Uintah County Library for their generous donations for the creation of this collection.

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