Valley Tan

1858 - 1860

As the second newspaper in the Utah Territory, it had an unusual name. In its first issue (November 6, 1858), it has this informative piece:

"The Valley Tan was first applied to the leather made in this Territory in contradistinction to the imported article from the States; it gradually began to apply to every article made or manufactured or produced in the Territory, and means in the strictest sense Home Manufacturers, until it has entered and become an indispensable word in our Utah vernacular; and it will yet add a new word to the English language. Circumstances and localities form the mint from which our language is coined, and we therefore stamp the name and put it into circulation!"

The Utah Digital Newspapers Program would like to extend its most sincere thanks to the Salt Lake City Public Library for the loan of their original newspapers for the creation of this collection.

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It generally presented anti-Mormon perspectives and occasionally ran into difficulties with the law. In open letter to the Salt Lake City Mayor, publisher Kirk Anderson said, on November 26, 1858:

"...that at the corner of East Temple and First least eight men in number, armed with guns, and who as we approached within a few feet of them, cocked their guns and placed themselves directly in front of us in a hostile manner. One of their number, viz. fired a pistol. we desire to enter complaint against certain policemen (the above mentioned eight) for acting contrary to law."