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Union Vedette

1863 - 1867

The first daily paper in the Utah Territory was published at Camp Douglas. The June 11, 1864, issue stated: "This paper was established and has been conducted as to its typographical execution and otherwise, by soldiers—men thoroughly competent in their business, and that short of active service in the field they cannot better subserve the cause of their country than by thus devoting their time, talent, and energy to the objects above set forth, viz. the propagation of loyal sentiment and the development of a regenerated Utah!" Meanwhile, on August 12, 1865, the Territorial Enterprise (Virginia, Nevada) wrote: "The Union Vedette of Salt Lake is a thorn in the side of Mormonism. It is a Daily journal, published under the guns of Camp Douglas, and the 'Destroying Angels' are not disposed to molest the audacious little sheet. It is the enemy of polygamy and the affects of its broadsides are beginning to be seen and felt. Were the Federal Troops to be withdrawn from Salt Lake City, the Vedette would not long be permitted to assault the sacred symbols of Mormonism." In February 1866, the Enterprise added: "The Vedette is the Wooden Horse entered into the Troy of Polygamy."

We extend our thanks to the Salt Lake City Public Library for the loan of the original newspapers for scanning.

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