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Uintah Basin Standard

1957 - 2002

On May 14, 1908, the Uintah Chieftain was launched in Myton. "Today the Uintah Chieftain makes its bow to the settlers of the former Uintah Indian Reservation." The Duchesne Record started on April 8, 1909, in Theodore, Wasatch County. On May 6, 1910, the Record stated: "Beginning next week the three papers of the Reservation, the Uinta Standard, the Uintah Chieftain, and the Duchesne Record, will consolidate under the name of the Uinta Record, which will be published at Myton...The amalgamation is brought about for the reason that the owners of the respective publications consider that it is more desirable to have one good paper to represent the Reservation than to have the field so much divided that neither can afford, from a business standpoint, to get out the kind of paper the Uinta basin is entitled to.... [As an after consideration since the above was put in type, and in honor of the mighty stream, which, together with its many tributaries, furnishes the water for the irrigation of this section, it has been decided to retain the name "The Duchesne Record."]" The paper's business manager, Glen C. Gray, was killed by a deer hunter's bullet on June 7, 1921, and the Record went under that September. The Uintah Basin Record was published by the Duchesne Publishing Company from 1931 to 1956. It merged with the Roosevelt Standard to form the Uintah Basin Standard in 1957.

We extend our thanks to Kathleen Cooper, Myton City Corporation, the Duchesne County Library, and Craig Ashby for their generous donations and the loan of the original newspapers for scanning.

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