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Southern Utonian

1881 - 1896

The Southern Utonian (Beaver City, Utah) began its semi-weekly publication on February 19, 1881 and continued until December 30, 1890. The Beaver Utonian published from January 6 to July 21, 1891. This was succeeded by The Utonian, which continued until 1896. The Salt Lake Evening Democrat reported on March 13, 1886: "Messrs. R. Maeser and George Hales, proprietors of the Utonian were arrested and placed under $1500 bonds on the charge of libel, it having accused deputies of stealing or attempting to steal valuables from some of the homes visited" (during an anti-polygamy crusade). The Manti Home Sentinel reports the verdict on May 25th: "Packed jury business done effectual work in the Beaver Utonian libel case on Tuesday last, when they convicted manager Hales just after the editor, Maeser, had been acquitted by a different jury."

We extend our thanks to the Church History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the loan of the original newspapers for scanning.

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