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Southern Utah Times


Frisco's first and only newspaper, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, began life on or about May 15th, 1880. The Times was a weekly and edited by Mr. F. Lockley, formerly of the Tribune. Information about the Southern Utah Times comes in the form of comments in other newspapers. The Ogden Junction, June 5, 1880, said, "The present editor of the Southern Utah Times, about whose journalistic ability there is not more doubt than about his political unfairness and sectarian aggressiveness, has come to cooler ideas in the hotter climate of Frisco." The Territorial Enquirer of July 21, 1880, wrote: "Changes came quickly...Lockley, alias 'Red-head' has vacated the editorial chair [and] returned to Salt Lake in hopes of working for the Salt Lake Tribune." The Frisco Times was sold to Charles S. King of Ogden. In 1881, the Anti-Polygamy Standard advertised: "The Southern Utah Times is a paper of pepper, pickles, pith and point...An outspoken gentile sheet [it] tells the uncalcimined truth...[and] shows up with a clean nose every Saturday afternoon." On July 19th, 1884, the Utah Journal in Logan stated: "The Southern Utah Times, an insignificant and disreputable sheet, has suspended publication." The Times resumed publication between September and October 1884 under the management of Maurice McGrath and editor Charles S. King. The Southern Utah Times continued publication until the end of 1887.

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