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Richfield Reaper

1906 - 1994

Upon purchasing the Reaper in 1930, publisher Joseph Ashbury wrote in his first issue, March 27, 1930: "You know the story of the Athenians of old, who, when oppressed by war, applied to the Lacedaemonians for help, and the Lacedaemonians sent a hunchback singer by the name of Tirtaeus to help them. The people of Athens were disappointed, but when they went into battle, Tirtaeus, through his songs, filled their hearts with such enthusiasm that they conquered their enemies. I want to be a Tirtaeus to the people of Sevier County." Four years later Ashbury sold the Reaper to Joseph Fuellenbach, whose grandson Mark Fuellenbach would eventually run the paper for many years and become president of the Utah Press Association. The Richfield Reaper is still publishing.

We extend our thanks to The Richfield Reaper for the loan of the original newspapers for scanning.

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