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Provo Daily Herald

1922 - 2009

The Daily Herald covers national and community news in Utah County, Utah. Much of the coverage focuses on the Provo-Orem metropolitan area in Utah Valley. Published seven days a week, it has a print circulation of 20,000 daily and nearly 27,000 on Sunday. The Herald's web site reaches approximately 700,000 unique visitors each month. The earliest predecessor of today's Daily Herald was founded August 1, 1873 under the title Provo Daily Times, by R.G. Sleater, Joseph R. McEwan, and Oscar F. Lyons. It was the first newspaper to be published in Provo, when Utah was still a territory. Its name changed numerous times. In 1874, it became the Utah County Times, which was replaced in turn by the Utah County Enquirer, the Utah Enquirer, the Provo Daily Enquirer and the Provo Post. In 1898 The Utah County Democrat was founded as a competitor and served Provo for a decade. In 1908 it was renamed the Provo Herald, and in 1924 the Post and the Herald merged, forming the foundation for the later Daily Herald. The Herald papers included the Provo Evening Herald and the Sunday Herald, which ran concurrently, and later, The Daily Herald. The Evening Herald, begun in 1922, was published Monday through Friday, with no Saturday edition. The Sunday Herald was simply a Sunday edition, not a separate newspaper. In 1939, the Evening Herald changed its name to The Daily Herald, but the Monday-Friday publication schedule with a Sunday edition remained. The company was purchased in 1926 by James G. Scripps, eldest son of newspaper magnate E. W. Scripps. The Scripps family held the newspaper until the mid-1990s, when it was sold to Pulitzer Newspapers Inc., which held it for a decade. In 2005 it was sold, along with a number of other Pulitzer properties, to Lee Enterprises. In August 2016, The Daily Herald was sold to Ogden Newspapers Inc., which owns and operates dozens of newspapers and magazines from Utah to New Hampshire. Today's offices of The Daily Herald are in Provo.

We extend our thanks to the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts for providing the grant funding for this project, to Catherine McIntyre of Utah Valley University Fulton Library for spearheading the project, and to The Daily Herald for the donation of microfilm for scanning.

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