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Pleasant Grove Review

1929 - 2009

The Pleasant Grove Review was founded in April 1912 by L. W. Gaisford. The Gaisford family continued publishing the paper, along with reporters Mrs. J. D. Thorne, Mrs. Harold Walker, and Mrs. Mary Peterson, until it was bought by Abraham B. Gibson in 1942. When the change in ownership was announced on April 10, 1942, the previous owners commented: "Our long relations with the people of this community have been most pleasant. It has been a pleasure to serve the section during this period and while circumstances and revenues have not always made it possible to do the things we would have liked to, we still feel the association and friendships made have paid us a hundred fold for our efforts."

We extend our thanks to thank the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts, Dale W. Adams, and The Friends of the Pleasant Grove City Library for their generous donations, and to the library for the loan of original newspapers for scanning.

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