Ogden Standard

1888 - 1920

With the completion of the transcontinental railroad in northern Utah in 1869, Ogden saw the rise and fall of several dozen newspapers. Because of the short tenure of many of these newspapers, Ogden became known as the "graveyard of Western journalism." Read more
The Ogden newspapers available on this webpage are listed below.

  • Ogden Junction (1879-1881)
  • Ogden Herald (1881-1887)
  • Ogden Standard (1888-1908)
  • Ogden Standard Examiner (1923-1927)

Gaps in the collection of the daily Standard are being filled with the semi-weekly version of that paper: Jan-Dec 1889, Jan-Jun 1896, Jan-Jun 1900, Jul-Dec 1905, Jul-Dec 1907.

The Utah Digital Newspapers Program would like to extend its most sincere thanks to the Weber County Library for their generous donations and the loan of their original newspapers for the creation of this collection.

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