News Advocate

1915 - 1932

The News-Advocate was first published in 1915 and ran until 1932 when it merged with The Sun to become The Sun-Advocate.

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The News-Advocate

The Carbon County newspapers have a complicated history. The Eastern Utah Telegraph began publishing January 15 1891 and ended January 25 1895. The Eastern Utah Advocate started February 7, 1895 and ran until 1915 when it merged with The Carbon County News, which had begun in 1907. The merger of these two newspapers was The News-Advocate.

W. C. Benfer, former editor of The Carbon County News, took over as editor of The News-Advocate. He had a long-standing disagreement with the Crockett family who started The Sun newspaper in 1915, beginning the same year as The News-Advocate. In 1932 the Crocketts succeeded in merging their Sun newspaper with The News-Advocate.