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Milford Monitor

1995 - 1996

The Beaver County News, based in Milford, Utah, went through a number of ownership changes. Early operators of the paper include George B. Greenwood in 1912 and Arthur B. Lewis in 1914. Lee C. Brown edited the paper in 1928, and by 1933 the Milford News was sold to David S. Williams, who in turn was succeeded by Steve Williams and Patricia Williams. The paper was rechristened the Beaver County News on January 2, 1957, and in the July 2, 1970, issue, the names N. E. "Red" Wilson and Donna Wilson appear in the colophon. After two years under Marjorie Gray and W. T. Wagner, G. R. Williams took the helm in 1988. Alice Smith owned the paper in the 1990s.

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