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Midvale Journal Sentinel

1925 - 1988

The Jordan Journal published in Midvale, Utah, in 1925-26 and was succeeded by the Midvale Journal and Murray Eagle in 1927. The latter was also titled at various times Jordan Journal, Midvale Journal, Murray Eagle, and in 1926-27, it contained a section titled The Draper Journal. In 1934, the first issue of The Ute Sentinel appeared, "devoted to the welfare and progress of the Jordan Valley." In 1940, it was succeeded by the Sentinel, the Midvale Sentinel (1941-1971), and the Jordan Valley Sentinel (1971-1984). After 1984, the Jordan Valley Sentinel shifted publication to Murray, Utah.

We extend our thanks to the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts for their generous funding and the loan of original newspapers for scanning; to the City of Midvale, Utah; and to the Midvale Museum for scans made from original newspapers.

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