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Juab County Times

1909 - 1917

The Nephi Record, an eight-page weekly, was established in 1887. It informed prospective advertisers of its independent political stance and boasted that the town was serviced by two railroad lines and produced gypsum and marble as well as having salt springs and sheep-grazing. An annual subscription cost $1.00. The first digitized issue in this site is August 7, 1903, with EWING & COOK appearing in the colophon on Page 2 as Publishers & Proprietors. That issue noted that Mr. Louis Iseman was suffering from blood poisoning "caused by the coloring matter in a pair of black socks." The Record ceased in 1909 and that year, a new paper called the Juab County Times began, which ran continuously through March 23, 1917. Beginning on April 1, 1917, a paper called the Times-News was published by manager A. B. Gibson and editor Dennis Wood through a merger of the Juab County Times and the no-longer-extant Nephi City News. The Times News is still publishing, producing both print and online editions.

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