Inter-Mountain Republican

1906 - 1909

"Published every morning by Inter-Mountain Republican Company, A. E. Blunck, President and Manager" stated in Vol. 1, No. 1, Monday, February 12, 1906. May 23, 1906, Blunck's name was dropped and the next day the announcement was made that A. E. Blunck, President and General Manager and Lewis A. Blunck, Secretary and Treasurer of the company had resigned. H.E. Booth and William Spry were elected to take their places. Mr. Spry and other members of the Republican Party bought the stock formerly owned by the Blunck's. Malcolm McAllister was then elected General Manager and took charge June 1. Over the next few years, advertising revenues became scarce and on Friday, August 13, 1909, this notice was printed:

"To the Republican Patrons -- This is the last issue of the Inter-Mountain Republican in its present form. Tomorrow, patrons will receive the Salt Lake Herald-Republican. The property and good will of the Republican have been sold to a company which has also secured the Herald, and in a sense, the paper to be published by the new company will itself be distinctly new."

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