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Garfield County News

1923 - 2005

Will J. Peters was unique, having been a member of several travelling theatrical groups. He sang and danced in vaudeville acts and often played the villain in melodramas. His troup, Peters' Peerless Players, was once booked to perform at Panguitch Lake. As the story goes, they were greeted by "an unusual number of people disguised as empty seats." Consequently, he "quit the boards," settled in Panguitch, and April 16, 1920 issued Volume 1, Number 1 of the Garfield County News. After Will's death on November 11, 1929, his wife Elenora Mae published the news for a number of years. Subsequent publishers were George Brewer, then Stanley V. Mikulewicz with his wife as co-publisher. (All 1990 issues are missing.)

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