Evening Dispatch

1891 - 1895

Founded in 1849 as Fort Utah, the city of Provo was the first Mormon "colony" outside the Salt Lake Valley. For three decades, Provo relied on the Church-run newspaper from the "metropolis," the Deseret News. That changed in 1873, however, with the founding of Provo's first newspaper, the Provo Daily Times. That paper, survives today as the Daily Herald. The Evening Dispatch appeared in 1891, a period of political turmoil in the territory of Utah. The Mormon church had recently announced an end to plural marriage in a bid to achieve statehood and an there was an economic boom in the city of Provo. Almost immediately, the Dispatch found itself under attack by the dominant Provo paper, known then as the Daily Enquirer. The Enquirer accused the interloper Dispatch of being nothing more than the "organ of the new Democratic Club." The newspaper was in fact established to promote Democratic Party causes and proved to be a formidable foe during its short existence. Sprinkled among everything carried by the Dispatch were items that promoted Democratic causes and disparaged Republican ones. The Dispatch folded in December 1895, its demise being too much amateur politics.

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