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Eastern Utah Advocate

1897 - 1915

The Eastern Utah Telegraph began in 1891 and ran until 1895 when it was bought out and renamed the Eastern Utah Advocate. The first issue of the Advocate was published on February 7, 1895, with S. H. Brownlee as the editor and manager. Brownlee, a colorful figure, was the subject of articles in other newspapers. For instance, on October 4, 1895, The Park Record wrote: "Messrs. Brownlee and Smith, editors and proprietors of the Eastern Utah Advocate, published at Price, are under arrest on the charge of arson. It seems that their cupidity was attracted by the big Democratic campaign fund and they planned to get hold of a snug portion of it, and set their office on fire, which was damaged about $50 worth. The scheme was exploded, and instead of getting a cash assistance, got run in for arson." This newspaper ran until July 2, 1915 when it merged with the Carbon County News to become The News-Advocate. Read more.

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