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Deseret News

1850 - 1977

The Deseret News was the first newspaper published in the Utah Territory, just three years after Mormon pioneers settled the Great Salt Lake valley. Its prospectus, published in the first issue on June 15, 1850, stated: "A paper that is worth printing, is worth preserving; if worth preserving, it is worth binding; for this purpose we issue in pamphlet form; and if every subscriber shall preserve each copy of the 'News,' and bind it at the close of the volume, their children's children may read the doings of their fathers, which otherwise might have been forgotten." Known today as the Deseret Morning News, the paper boasts the second highest readership of any daily in Utah. It remains the longest running American newspaper west of the Missouri River and continues to operate as an official organ of the Mormon Church. This newspaper has published as Deseret News, Deseret Evening News, Deseret Morning News, Deseret News Salt Lake Telegram, Deseret Semi-Weekly News, and the Deseret Weekly. Read more.

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