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Brigham City Bugler

1891 - 1895

The Brigham Bugler was founded in 1880 and managed and edited by Mansfield L. Snow. The Bugler attracted a number of admiring mentions in other publications. The editor of the Bugler was the focus of a satirical column from the Salina Press. As quoted in Cecil J. Alter's Early Utah Journalism, the Press asserted in 1895 that if no news was taking place in Brigham City, Editor Snow would head into the hills to make his own news by killing wildlife. "The files of the Bugler in this office show that Brother Snow has murdered with his own sanguinary hands 27 centipedes, 8 scorpions, 3 tarantulas, and 11 snakes, 8 of the latter being rattlers. Every time he kills or captures a specimen, a glowing account of the same appears in the Bugler. It is an example which should be emulated by other newspaper men." The Bugler ceased publication when both the editor and paper moved to Ogden, and was subsequently published as the Weber County Times.

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