Donating to the Utah Digital Newspapers Project

The Utah Digital Newspapers Program is funded entirely by federal and state grants, local matching funds, and by contributions from our readers. While we have developed a low-cost digitization process, the sheer number of pages that need to be digitized requires us to constantly seek additional funding. Moreover, as word of our collection spreads, we are receiving more and more feedback on additional newspapers that should be added to our collection.

Your support will allow us to continue building our website into a robust collection of historic Utah newspapers, completely documenting our state's history. We appreciate any donation you can make to the program. All contributions, regardless of the amount, are welcome, and of course, are tax deductible.

"For anyone with even the slightest interest in Utah history, this website is the best possible resource. It's preserving the 'spice' of our history, too. I'm both happy and proud to support it directly."

Mark Hales

U of U graduate, 1979

"My financial support of the digitization project not only helps make more issues of more old Utah newspapers available, it beefs up the search capabilities as well."

Val Holley

U of U graduate, 1982

You can donate to our program in two ways.

Option 1: Use the U of U's secure Online Giving Form.

Option 2: Send a personal check made out to "Marriott Library". Please add "Digital Newspapers" to the memo line of your check, or provide more detailed instructions in an accompanying letter. Send it to the following address:

Marriott Library
Attn: Financial Management Dept.
University of Utah
295 S. 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Thank you for your support.